Hello Friends

AT the 20th October 2015 we have been observed our Monthly Health and Nutrition Awareness Program- October 2015  in location Momotaj’s Slam, South Kattoli, 11 No. Word in Chittagong City Corporation Area. Due to 15 October World Hand Wash day we have selected the theme is “Hand Wash Before Every Meal”. Hand Wash Before Every Meal can save the life of children. Because hand wash before meal can protect children from germs. It can be protect from Diarrhea, Dysentery, Chlorosis, Cholera, Worm disease, Typhoid etc Deadly Disease of the children.

Rally of Surjo konna

We have visit the all Shanties of the slam and discus about the profit of Hand Wash before every meal. We have arranged a live Hand wash program to increase their attention. More then 150 people with more then 100 children have joined with us in the live program. We have washed hand all one by one and they was very inspiring.

Interested Children

Live Hand Washing Program

Hand Washing with very Happily

Hand Washing of a women


You can also join in our voltmeter programs. For Join with us please contract with us by the filing Surjo Konna Contract Page.