About Surjokonna

Surjokonna is a new generation Women Development Organization of Bangladesh. Its a non profitable, non political and non government organization founded by some enterprising women. The Key person of the founding of Surjokonna Mrs. Rabeya Sultana. Basically Mrs. Rabeya Sultana has organized some very energetic women to do something for the vulnerable and disadvantaged women in society. The founders of Surjokonna are very well educated and energetic. In the year 2013 all founders are agreed to found the organization and they have started the process of foundation of the organization. In starting time the organization was unanimously named "Surjokonna". 

Surjo is called for Sun in Bengali and Konna is called for Daughter so the real meaning of the Surjokonna is The Daughter of Sun. Sun is the main source of energy of earth. We have get all powers from sun. So Sun is a big inspiration of us. A Daughter of Sun is a inspiration of rural, undeveloped, vulnerable and disadvantaged women in society. They have filling for a power as like as a Daughter of Sun. 

The status of ladies in Bangladesh is characterized by action to gigantic change throughout the years. The Bangladeshi ladies accept fabricated gigantic increases afterward the nation best up its freedom in 1971. The antecedent four decades accept apparent broadcast political deepening for ladies, bigger activity prospects, added apprenticeship and the accession of new laws to ensure their rights. Starting 2013, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the Speaker of Parliament, the Leader of the Opposition and added some pastor are ladies.

Female (% of total) in Bangladesh was last measured at 49.35 in 2012, according to the World Bank. Total population are 166,280,712 (July 2014 est.) in Bangladesh.  Recent female population are 82,059,532 (July 2014 est.) in this time. Age based female population structure: 0-14 years: 33% female=26,601,199, 15-24 years: 18.8% female= 16,377,785, 25-54 years: 37.6% female= 32,455,670, 55-64 years: 5.7% female= 4,625,192, 65 years and over: 4.9% female 4,078,723 (2013 est.).

Approximately maximum 8 million women have proper employment.  Near about 5 million women workers has been worked in garments sector of Bangladesh. And also other industry they have huge contribution like infrastructure development & constriction, Agriculture, Dairy & poultry sector and SME sector. But it’s very inadequate for requirements. Almost 500 million workable women and we have only 80 million employments. There are some obstacles to grow women employment we found. 1. Less Literature, 2. Insufficient Social security, 3. Conservative Family tradition, 4. Insufficient skill training 5. Insufficient financial support.

If we can use our women manpower properly than we can finish our Poverty easily. We are well educated women have decided to work that way. We will make a unity to protect our countries women obstacles. We will make our opportunity with ourselves. Our first Goal will be “An Women An Enterprise"

Programs of Surjokonna 

Surjokonna team has been surveying the society of Bangladesh and find some basic points of undeveloped women and violence.  After that we have ensure, there are more than 35% peoples are Illiterate. And more than 25% are some literate (Stop studying before passed from high school). And in the women, this rate higher than man. For this reason there are too many prejudice and narrow-mindedness in these people. Innutrition, Rundown, Maternal Mortality rate is very high in these people. There are many kinds of violence are  running in the society such as Dowry, Child Marriage, Violence with Child and Women and drag expansion. Other side a big problem is the jobless people; basically maximum women is jobless in here however, they also working for family more than man but it has not counted. 

Than , Surjokonna them has been starting to searching solution of these issues. Surjokonna them discussed about these topics with some respectable social scientists, teachers, doctors, social workers and government officers and get suggestion from their. And finally  Surjokonn has taken some programs to create a big change in society for women.   

Surjokonna has been arranging some very effective Programs to improving Bangladeshi women and other underdevelopment peoples general knowledge and wariness. Surjokonna has arranged three kinds of programs for that.

  • Awareness Programs

  • Movement  Programs

  • Training Programs

  • Development programs

  • Rehabilitation Programs 

Awareness Programs

  • Mother and Child Health Awareness Program 
  • Affordable Food and Nutrition Awareness Program 
  • Awareness of Anti-Dowry Program
  • Awareness of Prevent Child Marriages Program
  • Awareness of Prevent Violence Against Women & Child Program
  • Awareness of Prevent Anti-Drugs Program


Movement Programs 

  •  Movement of Anti-Dowry Program
  • Movement of Prevent Child Marriages Program
  • Movement of Prevent Violence Against Women & Child Program
  • Movement of Prevent Anti-Drugs Program

Training Programs

  • Block and Boutique Training for Women
  • Sewing Training for Women
  • Beautician Training for Women 
  • Basic Computer and Internet Training for Women
  • Microsoft Office Management Training for Women 
  • Freelancing and Outsourcing Training 
  • Web Design and Development Training


Development Programs 

  • Without Collateral Loans for Women
  • Small and Cottage Industries Loans for Women
  • Raising Livestock Loans for Women 
  • Interest Free Higher Education Loans for Girls 
  • Computer Loan for Women 

Rehabilitation Programs

  • Breastfeeding Allowance
  • During Pregnancy Allowance
  • Elderly Allowance
  • Widow Allowance
  • Participation in Emergency Relief Work
  • Voltmeter Service in any Social Work

Up-Comming Programs

  • Surjokonna School for Disadvantaged Child
  • Surjokonna Orphanage
  • Surjokonna Old Women and Widows Monastery
  • Surjokonna Forestry Project
  • Surjokonna Fisheries Project
  • Surjokonna Housing Rehabilitation Project