About Surjokonna 

Surjokonna is a new generation Women Development Organization of Bangladesh. Its a non profitable, non political and non government organization founded by some enterprising women. The Key person of the founding of Surjokonna Mrs. Rabeya Sultana. Basically Mrs. Rabeya Sultana has organized some very energetic women to do something for the vulnerable and disadvantaged women in society. The founders of Surjokonna are very well educated and energetic. In the year 2013 all founders are agreed to found the organization and they have started the process of foundation of the organization. In starting time the organization was unanimously named "Surjokonna". 

Whay the name is Surjokonna? 

Surjo is called for Sun in Bengali and Konna is called for Daughter so the real meaning of the Surjokonna is The Daughter of Sun. Sun is the main source of energy of earth. We have get all powers from sun. So Sun is a big inspiration of us. A Daughter of Sun is a inspiration of rural, undeveloped, vulnerable and disadvantaged women in society. They have filling for a power as like as a Daughter of Sun. 

About Bangladeshi Women 

Female (% of total) in Bangladesh was last measured at 49.35 in 2012, according to the World Bank. Total population are 166,280,712 (July 2014 est.) in Bangladesh.  Recent female population are 82,059,532 (July 2014 est.) in this time. Age based female population structure: 0-14 years: 33% female=26,601,199, 15-24 years: 18.8% female= 16,377,785, 25-54 years: 37.6% female= 32,455,670, 55-64 years: 5.7% female= 4,625,192, 65 years and over: 4.9% female 4,078,723 (2013 est.). 


Approximately maximum 8 million women have proper employment.  Near about 5 million women workers has been worked in garments sector of Bangladesh. And also other industry they have huge contribution like infrastructure development & constriction, Agriculture, Dairy & poultry sector and SME sector. But it’s very inadequate for requirements. Almost 500 million workable women and we have only 80 million employments. There are some obstacles to grow women employment we found. 1. Less Literature, 2. Insufficient Social security, 3. Conservative Family tradition, 4. Insufficient skill training 5. Insufficient financial support.

Awareness Programs of Surjokonna

Mother and Child Health Awareness Program

Surjokonna has been organizing "Mother and Child Health Awareness Program" since January 2014. This is a monthly basis program. Surjokonna has arranged the program in different kinds of slum area in cities and over populated villages. Surjokonna has arraigned Awareness meeting about Health and Nutrition and provided free Treatment Service and Free Medicine Distribute in the program's area.


Affordable Food and Nutrition Awareness Program

Innutrition is a very big problem for Bangladeshi Mother and Child. Surjokonna has some professional Nutritionist who will find affordable food item which carrying very high nutrition. And suggest to people convert affordable item with costly item. Such as some common size potato is costly than big size potato but both are carrying same nutrition so if you buy big size than it will be affordable.


Awareness of Anti-Dowry Program

There are more than 35 percent people are illiterate and more than 25 percent are some literate. And Dowry is a very big problem in the illiterate society of Bangladesh. Even we have found some case of Dowry in higher educated society also. We think Dowry is a big disease in society. We have arranged Anti-Dowry workshop and social meeting very frequently.